Professional Mermaids for Hire

What does mermaid entertainment include? 

Note: To book a professional mermaid (or other costumed character) for your event, see Gigsalad.

One hour of mermaiding can include most anything you wish. Additional hours are available. Some options are:

  • Choose if you’d like your mermaid in a walkable costume and/or one of her mermaid tails. 
  • Meet & Greet. Hugs for those who want them. Your mermaid will answer your guests’ questions about mermaids and topics such as ocean activism. 
  • Photos. Your mermaid will pose for pictures with individual guests who want them. She interacts with the others not in the individual photos to keep them engaged and entertained.
  • Gifts. Your mermaid provides a remembrance gift to each attendee, if desired. This option adds $1-5/attendee, for parties over 10 guests. We can provide a list from which you can choose. Or each guest can make an item such as a Magical Wand, an Enchanted Seahorse, a Magical Mermaid, or a Magical Mermaid Braidâ„¢ to help you manifest what you wish. Duchess infuses them with 3rd degree Reiki energy to supercharge your intention.  
  • Mermaid Blessing. Duchess activates your chakras with 3rd degree Reiki energy infused selenite wand to help you focus your actions aligned with your intentions. 
  • Provide a custom artisan shell crown for the birthday child or person of honor with your desired flower colors. This option adds $25 to the quote. 
  • Sing-alongs, including Happy Birthday. 
  • Splash in the water’s edge or shallow end, if there’s a pool or beach party.
  • Facepainting
  • Games 
  • Magic shows
  • Puppet shows
  • Reading mermaid stories. For example, Duchess Mermaid authored the inspiring book called “10 Secrets to Being a Princess” for princess parties she gives. It’s a fun book with wonderful value lessons for success and can be adapted to your party’s age range. It includes suggestions such as “Be kind” and “Be honest” with examples how princesses and others exemplify those behaviors. 

For more information, see Gigsalad.